Nari Gunjan (Women’s Voice) was started in 1987 and was later registered in 2000-2001 under the leadership of Sudha Varghese, who was working with the community that was most in need, the Musahars. Among the Musahars, women have less than a 1% literacy rate, and it is 2% for men. Over the years, the organization has worked with thousands of Musahar girls and women in Bihar through non-formal education centers and women’s groups. Now, 27 years later, Nari Gunjan is not just an organization, but also a movement that continues to spread across the Musahar community, which is estimated at 2 million people throughout the state and beyond.


To work towards the realization of society where there will be equal status for all human beings and where all can live with dignity and freedom regardless of their sex, religion, caste, and language spoken. We work towards a society where women are treated as equals and can enjoy all the rights, privileges, benefits and can hold responsibilities, and where children are nurtured and can enjoy their rights to life, love, safety, education, health, and have access to a future where they can contribute their share as responsible citizens. Nari Gunjan since its registration has successfully entered into its 15th year of intervention.